At the CEMA Summit in Salt Lake City, RSA Conference executives Linda Gray Martin, senior vice president; Britta Glade, vice president of content and curation, as well as Nth Degree Events’ Robert Lowe, president, and Jeannie Blair, vice president of account services, spoke on the power of teams.

In a session entitled Delivering the Most Successful Conference in Cybersecurity: Building the Team and Momentum That Established a Driving Force in the Industry, the group discussed how the RSA Conference event team built a cohesive, agile organization capable of adapting to and overcoming countless industry variables and circumstances.  A key element of its success has been its long-lasting agency partnership with Nth Degree Events, which has helped the event team navigate everything from hockey-stick growth to managing the intricacies of a global pandemic. Session attendees will discover what’s possible when trust and shared experiences create ownership at every level,

Listen to the audio recording here.


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