Event Marketer – one of the leading publications in the industry – just selected RSAC Sandbox as a Hidden Gems finalist. This unique event within the event exemplified all the attributes of a 5,000-person program and stood out in the category of the Best Reimagination of an Event. We’re thrilled to have been a part of helping long-time partner RSA Conference gain this well-deserved recognition. Want to see it for yourself? Visit the Nth Degree Events YouTube channel. Want more details? Read on!

RSA Conference (RSAC) hosts the world’s leading cybersecurity conferences and expositions. As part of its flagship event, RSAC Sandbox is a dedicated space that encourages attendees to discover various disciplines of cybersecurity in new and innovative ways, while also offering an inviting atmosphere for meetups.

By nature, RSAC Sandbox is a hands-on and interactive space where attendees can test their cybersecurity skills – and learn new ones.

In 2022, coming out of the pandemic, Nth Degree Events and RSAC recognized that the Sandbox space was more important than ever as we returned to face-to-face engagement.

In 2022, coming out of the pandemic, Nth Degree Events and RSAC recognized that the Sandbox space was more important than ever as we returned to face-to-face engagement. 

Our goals were simple:

  • Provide interactive and innovative sandbox topics, sessions, and interactive experiences in a cool, loungy environment.
  • Build community and bring together like-minded individuals.
  • Allow subject matter experts to learn within their domain.

Together, we re-imagined and expanded the space to provide attendees with an elevated experience and a fresh new feel. We doubled down on the Sandbox’s purposeful “un-tradeshow-like” atmosphere to promote learning and interaction by introducing more relaxed and natural environmental elements.

  • Wood slatted dividers separated the areas, allowing attendees to see through the space to see what else was happening, whilst also giving a delineation between each area.
  • Comfortable lounge seating encouraged attendees to linger and network over cups of coffee from a dedicated in-space coffee bar.
  • The fixtures were angled and asymmetrical to create more interesting, exciting, and unique looks.
  • A dramatic LED lighting plan was implemented to visually carve up the environment into unique activation areas. Uplights and downlights were used to add glow to draping, backdrops, walls, and other features. Textured light patterns added depth and dimension to the demonstration areas and floors. These effects created intimate vignettes delineating each breakout area and encouraging conversation.
  • Charging stations allowed attendees to take a load off while also networking and learning new skills.
  • Branding throughout gave a consistent and cohesive feel to each of the areas, but it was still easy to identify individual sandboxes and their offerings.

RSAC Sandbox kicked off its interactive sessions and experiences with CyBEER Ops, a craft beer tasting event and networking reception.

Content included an expanded selection of seven different sandbox areas which offered dozens of interactive experiences including opportunities for attendees to go through vulnerability exercises in different cybersecurity verticals like Industrial Control Systems, Internet of Things, and Application Security. 

Attendees enjoyed an action-packed session on the Sandbox stage (a smaller satellite location built within the overall space) which featured product launches, three rapid-fire talks, live demos, and an audience Q&A session with the presenters.

Lastly, since cybersecurity is inherently based on connected devices and networks, each area held a “beginner” Capture the Flag exercise. These sessions are designed to gamify learning in order to teach people how to search for vulnerabilities. Engagement with the space was an incredible success. We’re thrilled that RSAC is being recognized in the industry for the re-imagination of this program!

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