Event ROI Is Under the Microscope. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

In this article in Trade Show Executive, Nth Degree Events discusses the challenges trade show and event organizers face amid rising costs in airfare, transportation, hospitality, and more. With the coming year projected to see increased event spending, event planners prioritize cost-saving measures to manage these pressures. Rising expenses have made delivering successful events harder, but strategic planning, training, and creativity can help optimize budgets.

Key strategies outlined include:

  • Investing in Training: With many event industry newcomers, effective onboarding and continuous training are vital to boost ROI through employee retention and productivity.
  • Exploring Secondary Markets: Cities outside top-tier locations offer significant cost savings and appeal to “bleisure” travelers by providing unique experiences.
  • Early Vendor Engagement: Involving vendors early in venue selection and logistics can yield partnerships that enhance operational efficiency and predictability.

See the full article at Trade Show Executive.

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